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A collage containing aspects of possible Memorial Day fun from a variety of the locations mentioned in this article

Memorial Day Celebrations

Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2024

The advent of Memorial Day is usually matched with excited chatter about what beach people are attending or what they plan to eat at their family cookout. This means that oftentimes the true meaning of...

A flowing waterfall in a scenic wooded area that reminds this journalist that any uphill feat is worth the climb and reaching goals is possible with the best laid plans

What’s Next for Some of Gateway’s Seniors

McKenna Spositi, Staff Writer May 19, 2024

The countdown for graduation is ticking! Some people are excited, some people are upset, some are scared, and some are experiencing a mix of feelings, like me. I’m excited to start a new chapter...

A beautiful tulip field at Johnsons Farm. Tulips are a beautiful flower that spring offers!

Spring Service Hour Ideas

Jack Keller, Senior Sports Editor April 13, 2024

Being almost a month into the spring season, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities open to everyone!  Spring is the perfect time of year to look for opportunities if you’re looking to get service...

This is a beautiful depiction of what our Earth is capable of producing. Greenery of the Boston Commons.

Ways to Get Involved This Earth Day

Jack Keller, Senior Sports Editor April 13, 2024

This year's Earth Day will officially occur on Monday, April 22, 2024. Every year, Earth Day is celebrated around the world in over 192 countries. April 22nd is an important day to raise awareness about...

Gateways Gateway 2 Careers program logo!

Different Options After High School

Abria Joshua, Senior Copy Editor March 10, 2024

There are many different options after high school when it comes to a student's future, and The Chomp would like to highlight some of them! Gateway is blessed with a wonderful Gateway 2 Careers program...

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Colorful Springtime Flowers

Keeping Spring Beautiful

Hazel Foster, Staff Writer March 10, 2024

Spring is just around the corner! With spring comes warmer weather, baby animals, and beautiful scenery. However, with the excitement of the beauty of spring, there’s also a responsibility. We’re responsible...

Katherine Leeds and Ms. Byrne, a senior and a staff member at Gateway

Who Makes You The Best You?

McKenna Spositi and Cassidy Hagmaier February 11, 2024

Who do you believe makes you the best version of yourself? A lot of us are still trying to figure out who we truly are, and that’s okay. Sometimes we don’t even know until later on down the line who...

Caleb and Lexie posing as a couple for their article with advice theyd be likely to follow themselves!

Valentine’s Day Appreciation

Lexie Kirwin and Caleb Sobel February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day is a national American holiday and is celebrated on Wednesday, February 14th. Whether you have a significant other or not, it is still a beautiful celebration that is full of romance. Even...

Photo taken in La Jolla, California by Kalise Miller on her family vacation.

Why Travel is Essential

Kalise Miller, Managing Editor January 7, 2024

This is your sign to plan that trip. Whether it be close by, or on the other side of the world, traveling to another place serves many purposes to the people who do so. You can develop your communication...

Arnav, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Global Celebrations

Abria Joshua, Copy Editor January 7, 2024

Not everyone uses the same calendar as the Western world, in fact over 3 billion people celebrate New Year at different times because they follow a different calendar. Diwali, Nowruz, and Chinese New Year...

A burgeoning bright sky indicating new beginnings in the new year

New Year, New You!

McKenna Spositi and Cassidy Hagmaier January 7, 2024

It is time for New Year celebrations! The New Year means something different to every person. Some people like to set resolutions, and some don't, but it’s a really good idea to aim towards keeping new...

Abrias homemade creation of oliebollen! A tasty way to celebrate the New Year!

Hispanic and European New Year’s Traditions

Abria Joshua, Copy Editor January 7, 2024

New Year's Eve brings certain images to mind, a party, the ball drop, and confetti. To some people grapes, a pot of oil, suitcases, and pork would come to mind. Many Latin and European countries have unique...

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