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The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

The Chomp

The Chomp

The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

The Chomp

The Chomp

The Chomp

The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

The Chomp


Yuliia Bukovska / Istock Getty Images

The State of Israel and Palestine

Desmond McCue, Staff Writer November 5, 2023

At approximately 6:30 A.M., on October 7th, Hamas launched over 5,000 rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Along with rockets, 2,500 Hamas members stormed their way into Israel, and in total killed...

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Jack Patrick, Staff Writer November 5, 2023

While this country was developed, much was lost. One such thing that is discussed, but often overlooked, is the effects and tragedies done towards Indigenous groups in the country. Now, everyone has...

This is an original Canva created by Andrea Mistichelli for this story. Andrea is the Media and Graphics Editor for The Chomp.

New Speaker of The House of Representatives

Andrea Mistichelli, Media/Design Editor November 5, 2023

Republicans elected Kevin McCarthy out of the Speaker position on October 3rd, 2023, making him the only Speaker to be elected out of office. He held the Speaker position for 269 days making him have the...

Remembering Matthew Perry

Lily Hoppe, Copy Editor November 4, 2023

On October 28th, the beloved Friends star Matthew Perry sadly passed away. He died at the age of 54 from an accidental drowning incident. He was mainly known for his role as Chandler Bing in the hit...

Homecoming 2023

Homecoming 2023

Kalise Miller October 20, 2023

Gateway’s “Ticket to Hollywood” homecoming dance took place on Saturday, October 14th, with the homecoming game the day prior. Students dressed their best and danced the night away! Although...

Jenny and Michael discuss the countless flavors of e-cigarettes and why they appeal to Americas youth

Don’t Get Vaped In!

Spencer Barrett, Staff Writer October 12, 2023

This past week, Gateway Health classes were visited by Jenny Hunt and Michael Regenelli, representatives from Tobacco Free For a Healthy New Jersey's initiative,  Don’t Get Vaped In. This program is...

Original Canva created by Laurel Barrett; UAP Data Collection - One of NASAS Latest Projects

Nasa’s Scientific Approach to the Mystery of UFOs

Abria Joshua, Staff Writer October 1, 2023

The ideas of aliens and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have always captured people's interest. From horror movies to the internet joke of storming Area 51, UFOs will long linger in Americans' hearts....

Mrs. Reichman, Amelia, Leah, and Layla celebrate the success of Eco Club!

Eco Club Hosts Their Debut Meeting

Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-In-Chief October 1, 2023

Earlier this month at Gateway, the new Eco Club had their debut meeting in Mrs. Reichman's room, 404, attracting new hoards of environment-conscious changemakers! Presidents and Co-founders Amelia Long,...

Mrs. Reichmans True Crime class tunes in to a captivating documentary

True Crime & Detective Stories

Cassidy Hagmaier and McKenna Spositi October 1, 2023

This year, Mrs. Reichman is teaching Gateway's much anticipated new course, True Crime & Detective Stories! This is a class that mainly focuses on studying convicted criminals, the criminal justice...

Students in Aviation taking drones for a test-fly!

Gateway’s New Drone and Aviation Course

Andrea Mistichelli, Media/Design Editor October 1, 2023

Mr. Pridy and Mrs. Broadbelt have started their new course here at Gateway, STEM Drone and Aviation. The course is to prepare students to take the FAA Part 107 Content Knowledge Test at the end of the...

Original Canva creation by Andrea Mistichelli

The Overturning of Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Andrea Mistichelli, Media/Design Editor September 9, 2023

Colleges and universities first started Affirmative Action in their admissions processes during the Civil Rights Movement. This means that colleges and universities would use race as a factor to aid their...

Image By vecstock

Devastating Maui Wildfires

Jack Keller, Senior Sports Editor September 9, 2023

In early August, a series of raging wildfires broke out in the state of Hawaii, predominantly on the island of Maui. There wasn’t an official explanation as to what initially caused the fires; however,...

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