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Superbowl LVIII
The Chiefs' Walk-Off Win
Desmond McCue, Staff Writer • February 12, 2024

“Mahomes flings it. Hartman! Jackpot! Kansas City!” said Jim Nantz, Superbowl commentator, during the Chiefs' walk-off win of Superbowl LVIII. Their...

TJ Edmund, former Gator going into his last year of college at Rowan University, speaks to the new Intro. to Journalism class at Gateway about the ups and downs in his academic career as a journalist and what he has learned that students can benefit from.
Guest Motivational Speaker Visits New Journalism Class
TJ Edmund motivates new writers through his message of perseverance
Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief • February 11, 2024
Earlier in January, TJ Edmund, Gateway alum and current journalism student from Rowan University, came to speak to Mrs. Barrett’s journalism class! He enlightened journalism
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The Broadcasting table at the electives fair. I cant wait to go this route, says Spencer Barrett, grade 8.
Highlights from the Electives Fair
There are so many fun classes to choose from at Gateway
Spencer Barrett, Staff Writer • February 11, 2024
As a rising 9th grader, it was exciting to see all of the opportunities there are for us 8th graders next year. As I walked around, I saw a variety of classes that interested me, from TV/AV to Journalism
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A panda sleeping soundly on a cozy tree branch
The Future of Pandas in America
Panda's Diplomacy
Abria Joshua, Copy Editor • February 11, 2024
Pandas have long been a tourist attraction in America, bringing thousands of visitors
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The new literary magazine cover of Gateway Regional High School voted in via SNO poll ending on 1/5/24.
Call for Submissions!
Gators Have Chosen the New Literary Magazine Title
Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief • February 7, 2024
Students, faculty, and staff may begin submitting original poetry, essays, short stories, photography, artwork, and any other creative pursuits to be published this spring in issue 1 of Gateway's new literary
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Katherine Leeds and Ms. Byrne, a senior and a staff member at Gateway
Who Makes You The Best You?
The positive influences in our lives
McKenna Spositi and Cassidy Hagmaier February 11, 2024

Who do you believe makes you the best version of yourself? A lot of us are still trying to figure out...

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Caleb and Lexie posing as a couple for their article with advice theyd be likely to follow themselves!
Valentine's Day Appreciation
Do you not know what to do for Valentine's day?
Lexie Kirwin and Caleb Sobel February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day is a national American holiday and is celebrated on Wednesday, February 14th. Whether...

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Eddie stands proudly with one of his favorite pieces, Scary Clown
Recognizing Eddie Rolax
Retiring Custodian, Inspiring Artist
Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief • February 26, 2024

A lot can happen when you work the same job for twenty years: friendships formed, changes good and bad, hellos and goodbyes. Nobody knows this better than Eddie Rolax, one of Gateway’s most hard-working employees. Eddie has been stationed in the 200, 300, and 400 wings as the custodian  for twenty years now and is set to retire on March 1st! While many wave to Eddie as they leave for the day, most don’t know who he really is.  During Eddie’s twenty years as a Gateway employee, he has made...

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A creative collage representing some of Gateways new AP courses for students to get excited about
The Newest AP Programs at Gateway!
Are you up for the AP challenge?
Abria Joshua, Copy Editor • February 11, 2024

Gateway offers many interesting and challenging Advanced Placement (AP) classes for students, and they have three new AP classes next year: AP Chemistry, AP World History, and AP Computer Science Principles. AP classes are classes that you take in high school that can earn you college credit through the College Board.  AP Chemistry Ms. Harvey is going to be teaching the new AP Chemistry course come fall 2024! If you have any questions for her you can find her at [email protected] or in...

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Mrs. Ashlee Payne chillin down the shore flexing her fun personality through a contagious smile!
AP World History: Payne Expands Gateway Student Horizons
February's Featured Teacher
Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief • February 11, 2024

Mrs. Payne has been teaching at Gateway for seven years now, but is expanding her role in the Gateway community starting next year with the new course, AP World History! This year, she teaches US History II and World History to primarily freshmen and juniors.  AP World will consist primarily of freshmen and seniors, and those who signed up are just...

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Charleigh Morrison poses with friends at the Wenonah train station before Homecoming 2023
Featured Gator: Charleigh Morrison
This choice student is making great choices
Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief • February 11, 2024

In case you haven’t noticed, this month’s theme at The Chomp is motivation. Our February Featured Gator highlights a student who is demonstrating intense ambition, grit, and will-power, junior Charleigh Morrison! Charleigh also has a winning personality, which makes her stand out as someone to look up to. “Charleigh always displays a positive...

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Mean Girls logo that has transcended throughout all adaptations of the film
Mean Girls Musical Movie Adaptation
A review
Lily Hoppe, Senior Copy Editor • February 11, 2024

You might be aware of the “new” Mean Girls movie now in theaters. While it’s new, it’s just a movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, Mean Girls. It is very similar to the movie adaptation, while still pointing out references to the musical adaptation. Regina George is played by the amazingly...

Meet the Staff
Andrea Mistichelli
Andrea Mistichelli
Media/Design Editor
I’m Andrea! I run The Chomp's Twitter: @GatorNewspaper. I enjoy reading, especially fantasy, and have danced at Tricia Sloan Dance Center for fifteen years and
Lack of motivation and exhaustion affects everyone, even the Editor-in-Chief. Even AP students. Cold, dark winter nights after long school days can take their toll.
Lacking Motivation - A Problem Countless Students Share
A Middle School and High School Collaboration
Ace Smith and Laurel Rose Barrett February 11, 2024
Something that almost all students share in today's society is a lack of motivation coupled with an addiction to procrastination. Maybe there's a game you’d want to play over completing an essay, or perhaps a practice for a sport you have to attend. Or, really, maybe you’re just long overdue for a good nap. Whatever may be the cause, getting motivated is tough. It can feel tiring to
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An Honors/AP project collage created by Editor-in-Chief, Laurel Barrett
Honors vs. AP at Gateway
The differences and benefits of honors and AP classes
Kalise Miller, Managing Editor • February 11, 2024
It’s class selection season! Are you not sure whether to take an Advanced Placement course or an honors class? Well, this is the place for you!

Honors classes are a great step up for students who are willing to put in a little more effort. Depending on the class, they are at a bit of a quicker pace than academic-level classes. They may go more in-depth about specific topics and pick your brain to see the meaning
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Amor Vincit
Amor Vincit
Ace Smith, Writer • February 11, 2024

We were two strangers intertwined by fate connected with a small pink string on each of our pinkie fingers.   We knew someday we would find each other, whether by search, or luck, or circumstance. We never knew which, though.   And each day, that hope to find you would grow. I never knew you. I didn't know the first thing about your life. But I knew you and I would be special.   For that...

Hazel Fosters cat, Potato, has a cupid-like personality--purrfectly loveable but also a little bit naughty. She will tug on your heart-strings for sure, and her furry magic will enthrall you!
The Myth of Cupid
The Ancient Greek Origins of Valentine's Day's Iconic Cupid
Hazel Foster, Staff Writer • February 11, 2024

Valentine's Day is a widely spread holiday which provokes many different reactions and opinions. Some love the colors and believe it’s a fun, love-filled holiday for all. Others find it as a way for those in happy relationships to mock those who aren’t so lucky in the realm of love. But ignoring the commercialization of this holiday - to some it surrounds one person..or idea.  That is, of course, Cupid. Cupid, or ‘Amor’ is the son of Venus/Aphrodite (the ancient Greek goddess of love)....

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The History of Valentines Day
The History of Valentine's Day
How the holiday came to be
Andrea Mistichelli, Staff Writer • February 11, 2024

There is a lot of mystery and speculation surrounding the popular holiday, Valentine’s Day, and how it became the popular holiday it is today. There is one legend that Valentine was a Catholic priest in third-century Rome during a time when Emperor Claudius II outlawed the marriage of young men because he felt they were better soldiers without having a wife or kids. Valentine saw the injustice of the law and continued to perform marriages for couples, just in secret. When the emperor found...

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