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How Mindful are You of Others?

Social responsibility makes school more enjoyable
Roby Hartland
September 26, 2015 Disclaimer: The photographer does not endorse this article License: Original:

School is chaotic – lots of noise, drama and work all piled together. But, it gets much harder when those around you do not respect the classroom. Students all around the world are disturbed by not only other students but also the overall chaos of being in a high school setting.

For some, it is not easy to stay calm or quiet, and they have to be talking or doing something to keep their mind occupied. Therefore, saying students should just “be quiet and calm” isn’t a fair argument. However, there are things that we as students can do to be mindful of others’ learning. 

Students can be more respectful of each other’s learning environment by being empathetic and understanding. Encouraging others to recognize and learn about the diverse needs of others would help promote great respect for their learning environment.

— Math Teacher, Ms. Gilliano

Ms. Gilliano also shared, “I think having expectations and set examples modeled by an educator would benefit and guide students to create a positive and supportive learning environment for everyone.” 

These statements often ring quite true–many students are very focused on what they are doing, but not on how their actions affect others around them.

Also, when teachers allow such behavior it can encourage those same students to continue disrespecting their peers. Yes, sometimes out-of-pocket comments can be funny, but if they occur too often, they can be a distractor. 

When we asked eleventh grader Kalise Miller what she does to be mindful of others, she said, “I’m always thinking about how other people would be affected by my actions to make sure I’m acting respectfully and responsibly.”

Additionally, on the topic of how she believes other students could be more mindful, she stated, “I think people need to think about what it’s like for others when they are being disruptive in class. Many students talk over teachers, and it can get chaotic.” 

Class is a great place to socialize and make connections with peers, as long as you are respectful of how it may be affecting other students and their learning experience. A class that may be fun and a good time for one student can be a difficult class for another that requires intense focus. Thus, students should be mindful of how their actions affect their peers.

An image of a typical Gateway classroom! (Hazel Foster)

It is also critical to be mindful of those around you with disabilities. Not all disabilities are physical or show. Many people struggle with learning disabilities and have different ways in which they learn. You never know what a student may struggle with, so don’t just judge a book by its cover. Imagine yourself in their shoes and try to think about how your learning preferences and needs in a classroom don’t account for everyone’s.

So, as you finish out the school year, be sure to keep in mind how your actions affect others and what you can do to preserve the peace in your classes!

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