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The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

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The Student News Site of Gateway Regional High School

The collection of dresses available in the Comfort Closet for those who wish to save!

Prom On a Budget

Kalise Miller, Managing Editor May 19, 2024

Prom is an excuse to have fun, let go, and dress up. The last part, however, is the hardest part for many people. To take pressure off your bank account, you can shop on a budget and still dress your best. A...

A flowing waterfall in a scenic wooded area that reminds this journalist that any uphill feat is worth the climb and reaching goals is possible with the best laid plans

What’s Next for Some of Gateway’s Seniors

McKenna Spositi, Staff Writer May 19, 2024

The countdown for graduation is ticking! Some people are excited, some people are upset, some are scared, and some are experiencing a mix of feelings, like me. I’m excited to start a new chapter...

A variety of Gateway graduation cap inspiration photos

Graduation Cap Decorating

Cassidy Hagmaier, Staff Writer May 19, 2024

Throughout the years students have been creatively making their graduation caps their own with unique, personalized designs. This trend first started back in the early 1960s when students wanted to convey...

What the average teenagers social media folder looks like. Will TikTok remain?

The TikTok Ban Part 2

Andrea Mistichelli, Media/Design Editor May 19, 2024

Every teen and young adult in America’s worst fear has came true, the TikTok ban passed. Now in action, ByteDance (the owners of TikTok) has until January 19th of next year to sell TikTok to an American...

Gateways attendees of this years 2024 NJ-JCLs Latin Convention, ready for a day of competition and fun

Gateway Latin Students Attend NJ-JCL State Convention

Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2024

On Saturday, May 18th, a handful of eager Latin students from Gateway boarded the bus and embarked on their journey to Princeton High School to attend the annual New Jersey Junior Classical League State...

A student trying to make a bathroom pass at GRHS with e-hallpass

Tech Ed and Edtech

Alex Noble, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

For the past few years, frustrations with education technology have been most audibly expressed through the all-too-common statement “I hate e-hallpass,” referring to the pre-acquisition name of Securly...

Racers line up eagerly to get their swag bags and commence their race!

Gateway’s Annual Bundle Up Against Cancer 5k Event

Kalise Miller, Managing Editor April 13, 2024

The Bundle Up Against Cancer 5k is a heart-felt tradition here at Gateway. It is not only a run/walk, but a partnership of people from the Gateway community to memorialize beloved Gateway staff members. At...

Cinderellas Castle standing in all its glory!

A Guide to Disney World

Kalise Miller, Managing Editor April 13, 2024

Are you going on the senior Disney World trip? Thinking about going to Disney? Or just want to know more about it? Well, this is the perfect place to be! As a frequent Disney visitor, I have learned some...

A beautiful tulip field at Johnsons Farm. Tulips are a beautiful flower that spring offers!

Spring Service Hour Ideas

Jack Keller, Senior Sports Editor April 13, 2024

Being almost a month into the spring season, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities open to everyone!  Spring is the perfect time of year to look for opportunities if you’re looking to get service...

The rainbow infinity symbol that has replaced the puzzle piece as the symbol of autism

A Difference, Not a Disorder: The Autism Spectrum

Laurel Rose Barrett, Editor-in-Chief April 13, 2024

It’s Autism Awareness Month! Autism means different things for different people. As we know, the autism spectrum is vast, and not every person diagnosed is the same. Those who are high-functioning autistic...

This is a beautiful depiction of what our Earth is capable of producing. Greenery of the Boston Commons.

Ways to Get Involved This Earth Day

Jack Keller, Senior Sports Editor April 13, 2024

This year's Earth Day will officially occur on Monday, April 22, 2024. Every year, Earth Day is celebrated around the world in over 192 countries. April 22nd is an important day to raise awareness about...

This image was taken on a camera, but is completely unedited!

Total Eclipse of the Sun

Jack Patrick, Staff Writer April 13, 2024

On April 8th, a total eclipse of the sun occurred in many parts of the United States. A solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon where the moon’s shadow crosses over the Earth, and because they appear to...

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